Saturday, November 15, 2008

Caleb's Rain Delay

We played outside today, between the rain clouds, and had a great time. We raced and jumped over alligators (they were really just sticks). We went fishing for piranhas and went on a bug hunt. Fighting alligators, piranhas, and bugs are all in a day's work for Daddy and his two boys.

Isaiah's Rain Delay

Between the rain storms, we went outside today. We had a great time. In addition to alligator jumping, bug hunting and piranha fishing, Isaiah had a blast playing "fort" behind the swing.

Leaf Jumping

This is actually a picture from a while back, but it popped up on my screen saver and I remembered how much fun Caleb had jumping in leaf piles. It was a lot of work raking those leaves, but also a lot of fun watching him destroy the work.

Lollipops & Wagons

We took Isaiah outside to let him enjoy his lollipop. That sucker was almost the size of his head, but he did his best to eat the whole thing. He is so full of fun and joy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting For The Heels

We were all waiting for the Carolina football game to start, so we went outside to play. I don't really know what they were watching, but I thought it was a neat picture. Anyway, if you learn nothing else from this picture it should be this: Raise 'em early, Raise 'em right, Raise 'em to say GO HEELS!

This Is For The Birds

On our recent trip to the Columbia Zoo, Caleb and Isaiah enjoyed feeding the Lorikeets. Those were the craziest little birds. They attacked us as soon as we went through the gate, but my boys loved them. We had to feed them twice.